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First Quarter Beginner instruction

New students begin with learning etiquette, terminology, basic footwork and swing. First quarter students will start with a bamboo or wooden sword. Both items are available through the class for $15 to $25 each. Students should wear loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for exercise (e.g., sweats), shorts and tank tops should not be worn.
Students with experience (already in armour) can practice at any time on a drop in basis or register for the class at the beginning of the quarter.

Second Quarter Continuing Beginner Instruction

Students who continue to the second quarter will continue to learn basic skills that will allow them to begin training with armour.

Third Quarter Continuing Instruction and Beyond

At this time students who have attended regularly and made the required progress may begin training with armor. Students must purchase a set of the clothing traditionally worn by Kendoists, the kendogi (a thick, loose-fitting coat) and hakama (loose, pleated pants).  A set of keikogi and hakama for a child will start at approximately $90 for a child and $100 for an adult.

Students that continue to this point are also expected to purchase their own armor. Students without armor will not be allowed to train with the advance group for safety reasons. Kent Kendo Club has a limited number of used sets of armour for rent. Armor is rented on a availabilty basis to students that will participate in activities outside the class at a cost of $30 per quarter. New armor can be purchased through the club at discounts or off the internet.  Used armor is also occasionally available for purchase.  The Kent Kendo Club will gladly assist in these purchases and should be consulted to save money and obtain high quality equipment at a reasonable price.

Advanced Instruction and Beyond

The Kent Kendo Club is an extension of the class. All students who wish to go beyond the Parks Department programs (basic kendo class) will need to join the regional, national, and international kendo organizations.

Federation membership

All students who wish to go beyond the Parks Department programs (basic kendo class) will need to join the regional, national, and international kendo organizations.  The membership fees for the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) and the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) are a combined cost of $90/year for adults and $50/year for juniors aged 17 and under.  Membership provides access to all PNKF and AUSKF sanctioned events, including seminars, demonstrations, tournaments (taikai), and testing for rank (shinsa).

Club Location and Practice Times

To register for classes at Kent Commons Recreation Center call 253-856-5000
or register online at


  • Kent Commons Recreation Center [see map]
  • 525 4th Avenue N. (corner of 4th & James St.)
  • Kent, WA

Practice Times

  • Monday 7:00-7:50pm Beginning Students (limit of 20 students)
  • Monday 8:00-8:50pm Continuing Beginning Students
  • Wednesday 7:00-9:00pm Continuing enrollment for current intermediate & advanced students.

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