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Everett Kendo and Iaido Club



Registration is on a per quarter basis and is handled by the instructor on the first day of each quarter. Cash or checks made out to the Everett Kendo & Iaido club should be provided to the instructor at the beginning of the quarter. Studendts will be required to fill out a PNKF membership and waiver form on an anual basis. Classes are appropriate for ages 10 and older, and interested students are encouraged to observe a session in the current quarter prior to enrolling. Parents of minors who wish to enroll need to watch at least one class, before registering their child, so that they are aware of the content of the class.

Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Quarters

Kendo - Japanese Fencing ($60 per Quarter)
Iaido - Classical Japanese Swordsmanship ($60 per Quarter)

Kendo students will need to have a shinai and a bokken, which can be purchase at the beginning of class for $30 and $25 respectively.

Iaido students will need to have a bokken, which can be purchased at the beginning of class for $25. Iaido students are also highly encouraged to bring and wear fabric type knee pads that will allow their knees to slide freely on a gym floor (Volleyball or Basketball knee pads work great).